Product characteristics
✅ Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 help to improve intestinal health and increase bowel movements 1
✅ Improve bowel movements* and bloating in 2 weeks3
✅ Promote the function of immunity system2 and the digestive system (gastric or bloating problems)
✅ Vitamin C, Vitamin B12 and Zinc help anti-oxidation and collagen regeneration to improve skin condition
✅Enhance energy level and help detoxification
✅Backed by Science, used by doctors^

List of ingredients
4 in 1 ingredient:
•    Bifidobacterium lactis HN019 (improve bowel movements)
•    Vitamin C (Enhance immunity)
•    Vitamin B12 (Enhance energy level)
•    Zinc (Anti-oxidation)

Method of application
1 sachet daily. Open the sachet and ingest the contents of one sachet directly in the mouth or dissolve the contents in 150ml of water. Preferably take at mealtimes.

Way of storage
Store below 25 ° C , away from direct heat. Keep out of the reach of Children

PROGOLD POWER UP PROBIOTICS 14S [HK Label Authentic Product] Expiry: 19 Jul 2024