28800 29000

Brand Intro
Abbott is a global leader in diagnostic testing for infectious diseases.
and has continued to develop new HIV testing technologies

Product characteristics
•Excellence performance: Sensitivity 100%, Specificity 99.9%
•Easy to Use: Usability 98%
•3rd Gen HIV Test
•Detect HIV1 & HIV2
•Fast: Results in 15 mins
•CE marks

•Excellence performance: Sensitivity 100%, Specificity 99.9%
•Easy to Use: Usability 98%
•Fast: Results in 15 mins

List of ingredients
1 Disposal bag
1 Test device
1 Buffer
2 Alcohol pads
1 Lancet
1 Specimen dropper
1 Plaster
3 Instructions for Use (ENG, Trad. Chin, Korean)

Method of application Usage Instructions
1.PREPARE a timer and tissue.
2.OPEN AND PLACE all materials on a flat and clean surface.
3.WASH hands inwarm water and dry. If no warm water is available, rub your hands together.
4.CHOOSE ring finger or middle finger.
5.MASSAGE and rub your hand & finger to increase circulation.
6.CLEAN your finger with Alcohol pad. Let it DRY for 10 seconds.
7.REMOVE the Lancet cover.
8.PRESS the Lancet against the finger until it clicks.
9.MASSAGE from the base to the tip, and let 2 DROPS of blood fall into the Basin . If you are having difficulty, wipe finger clean and squeeze again.
10.WIPE finger with Alcohol pad and APPLY the Plaster. If needed, press on the Plaster to stop bleeding. Start next step immediately to transfer blood.
11.SQUEEZE the top of the Specimen dropper.
12.DIP the dropper into the blood in Basin and RELEASE slowly to draw blood into the dropper.
13.PLACE dropper over the Well. SQUEEZE the top of the dropper to apply 1 DROP of blood into the Well.
14.HOLD the Buffer bottle vertically and apply 1 DROP of buffer into the Well.
15.START the timer. READ the result in 15-20 minutes. Do not read past 20 minutes.
16.READ test result in 15-20 minutes.
17.PLACE all used components into the Disposal bag. SEAL the Disposal bag tightly.THROW AWAY the Disposal bag in waste bin.

Way of storage
Store between 2-30°C

Panbio HIV Self Test [HK Label Authentic Product] Expiry Date: 2025-02-28
28800 29000