2500 3000

Product characteristics
Hypromellose provides immediate relief of dry eye conditions

Target customer groups
Adults, Children and Infants of all age groups

Method of application Usage Instructions
One or two drops topically instilled into the eye three times daily as needed, or as directed by a physician.

May cause temporary eye irritation or blurred vision after use. If you experience persistent redness, stinging or headache in your eyes, discotinue use immediately and seek medical attention.
Pregnant and lactating women, please follow the doctor's instructions.

Way of storage
Store below 25°C. Protect form light

List of ingredients
Hypromellose Ph Eur 0.3%, Borax Ph Eur 0.19%, Boric Acid Ph Eur 0.19%, Sodium Choride Ph Eur 0.45%, Potassium Chloride Ph Eur 0.37%, Benzalkonium Chloride Ph Eur 0.01% (As preservative)

Shelf Life
2 years

Country of origin

HYPRO Hypromellose eye drops 0.3% W/V 10mL [HK Label Authentic Product] Expiry: 01 Jul 2024
2500 3000