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Product characteristics

Formula designed to support gut health
- Precious natural A2 type β-casein protein for absorption in the gut
- European Patented blend of natural milk fat and prebiotics GOS/FOS; sn-2 Palmitate from natural sources
- Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria; supports the delicate microbiota balance in the gut#
- Supports gut comfort by promoting stool frequency and stool softening#
- Supports the health of the digestive system, helps with absorption in the gut#
- No added sucrose and vanilla flavor

100% Imported from New Zealand. Quality assured under stringent quality control.
For 6-12 months

For more product information, please contact Nutricia First 1000 Days Nutrition Advisers at 3509 2008.

#from research findings of the ingredients
For details, please refer to the label on the product.
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Cow & Gate Happy Tummy 2 Follow On Formula [HK Label Authentic Product]