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Product characteristics
For the nutritional needs of lactating and postnatal care of mothers.

Elevit® Breastfeeding formula has been specially tailored to help to meet these increased requirements in order to provide the nutritional support necessary for the healthy development of your baby during the breastfeeding period. It also supports the energy and vitality of breastfeeding mums. With the Blend of carefully selected nutrients including 200mg DHA, 250 µg Lutein, vitamins, minerals and other trace elements which are important to the development of your baby’s overall health during this period. These assist with crucial things, such as brain, eyesight, energy, and immunity.

Elevit® is a Prenatal supplement brand from the German pharmaceutical company Bayer, and has been the #1 global Prenatal Multivitamin brand in value terms.
Elevit® understands that pregnant women have special nutritional requirements during pregnancy. As such, it offers tailored nutrition over 3 key stages of the pregnancy journey: from planning/pre-conception to pregnancy, to lactation, in order to support better growth of their baby with a tablet a day.

Target customer groups
For the nutritional needs of lactating and postnatal care of mothers

List of ingredients
DHA: 200mg;
EPA: 21mg
Lutein: 250mcg;
Vitamin A: 1080mcg RE;
Vitamin B1: 1.4mg;
Vitamin B2: 1.6mg;
Vitamin B3: 17mg;
Vitamin B5: 7mg;
Vitamin B6: 2mg;
Vitamin B7: 35mcg;
Vitamin B12: 2.8mcg;
Vitamin C: 60mg;
Vitamin D: 15mcg;
Vitamin E 6.7mg α-TE;
Calcium: 120mg;
Folic acid 500mcg;
Iodine: 225mcg;
Iron: 9mg;
Selenium: 55mcg;
Zinc: 10mg

Usage Instructions
Take ONLY one Elevit Breastfeeding tablet per day.

Way of storage
Do not store above 25°C

Country of origin

Elevit Milka 30s [New packaging] [HK Label Authentic Product]
32900 36900