[Expiry Date: 01 Oct 2022]

Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter Set (with free gift)
2) CONTOUR®PLUS Test strips 25's
3) MICROLET®Lancets 100's
4) Free gift

Introducing the CONTOUR®PLUS ONE meter and CONTOUR®DIABETES app that seamlessly connect via Bluetooth® technology to help manage blood glucose, smarter.

• Add events to your readings - Record events such as diet, activities and medication, also add photos, notes or voice memos to help put your results in context
• Get smart Alert - Be alerted when your BG levels are at a critical high or critical low level
• Share reports with your doctor - Easily share your results with your doctor, in person or before your checkup. Either way you’ll both be better informed and can focus your discussion when you meet.
• My Patterns - NEW My Patterns can detect a variety of different patterns in your BG readings and help you learn about the possible causes behind them.
You can also add notes and set reminders with the aim of improving your patterns.
• Test Reminder Plans - Test Reminder Plans give you a chance to learn how different food and activities affect your BG readings. A variety of different plans help you test at optimal times to get results that are useful to you and your healthcare professional.

Top features
• Remarkably accurate testing - Demonstrated proven accuracy with the CONTOUR®PLUS ONE meter and CONTOUR®PLUS test strips, complying with *ISO 15197:2013 accuracy requirements (Section 6.3 & Section 8) for in vitro glucose monitoring systems that measure glucose concentrations in capillary blood samples are that at least 95% of results shall fall within ±0.83 mmol/L or ±15% of the reference result of the mean YSI reference for samples with glucose concentrations <5.55 mmol/L and ?5.55 mmol/L, respectively. The smallest error range demonstrated by the CONTOUR®PLUS ONE meter system, met by 95% or more of results, was ±0.47 mmol/L or ±8.4% (vs YSI reference) for subject fingertip tests.
• The smartLIGHT™ feature - Gives you an instant indicator of your blood glucose (BG) results: Green = within target; Amber = above target; Red = below target
• Second-Chance® sampling - Prompts you to reapply blood if the first sample is insufficient to take a reading. Helps to avoid lancing a second time and wasting strips

Will continue to evolve with new capabilities
• New features will continue to be added to the CONTOUR®DIABETES app in the future to help you manage blood glucose, smarter.

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Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter Set [HK Label Authentic Product] [Expiry Date: 01 Oct 2022]

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