CONTOUR®PLUS Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter Set (with free gift)
2) CONTOUR®PLUS Test strips 50's
3) MICROLET®Lancets 100's
4) Free gift

The CONTOUR®PLUS system helps you test with ease and uses remarkably accurate CONTOUR®PLUS test strips:
• Accurate — The system goes beyond ISO 15197:2013 accuracy requirements and delivers closer to lab results, so you can test with confidence
• No Coding® and no setup requirements — ready to test right out of the box
• Second-Chance® sampling — tells you when to apply more blood if the first sample was not enough
• Strips can last till expiry date

Simple and customisable features to meet your testing needs, from basic to more in-depth:
• Personalized HI/LO target ranges
• Weekly HI/LO summaries to give a snapshot of your current blood glucose status
• 7-, 14-, and 30-day averages
• Meal markers to help you understand how food impacts your blood glucose
• Audible reminders to help you remember to test after eating

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CONTOUR®PLUS Self Monitoring Blood Glucose Meter Set [HK Label Authentic Product] Expiry: 2025-02-01