27900 36900

Cica Care made from medical grade silicone. It can reduce and prevent red and raised scars.

Product benefits
• Particularly suitable for face, knees, etc.
• Does not contain pharmaceutical ingredients, 100% no stimulating odor, suitable for adults and children over age 2

Usage instructions
• Use at least twice daily
• Squeeze an appropriate amount of Cica Care gel (approximately one grain of rice) and apply it to the scar that has already healed
• Gently massage in the same direction, then wait for the gel to dry to form a film
• Can apply makeup or clothes after the gel has dried

Suitable for
Age 2 or above

Storage condition
Store in a cool and dry place

Country of origin

Smith & Nephew - Cica Care Gel 15g [HK Label Authentic Product] Expiry: 01 Jul 2024
27900 36900