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Product characteristics

Redoxon® Triple Action Kids Chewable Tablets contains Vitamin C, D and Zinc to support three layers of immunity including skin barrier, immune cells and antibodies for full protection to fight for immune challenges, such as cold and flu, commuting and temperature changes. Vitamin C and Zinc can support the growth and development of kids. Zinc is crucial for appetite and normal cellular immune function. No preservative, No artificial colourant, No sugar.

List of ingredients

Vitamin C 200mg, Vitamin D 80IU, Zinc 1.5mg

Method of application Usage Instructions

- Children (2-3 years):1 tablet daily

- Children (4-12 years): 2 tablets daily

- Adolescents aged 13 or above: 3-4 tablets daily

- Tablets to be chewed

Way of storage

Store below 25°C and protect from heat and moisture

Vitamin C +D + Zinc Triple Action Kids Chewable Tablets 90s [HK Label Authentic Product]
10490 11890