Cica Care is made from medical grade silicone.
Clinically proven therapeutic and preventative properties for red and raised scars.

Product Benefits
• Does not contain pharmaceutical ingredients, suitable for age 2 or above.
• Scars improved significantly for 93% of users within two to four months
• Effective for scars up to 20 years

Usage instructions
• At least 12 hours a day to achieve the best result
• Only suitable for fully healed scars, do not use if the wound has not healed or the surgical wound has not been sutured
• Each piece of Cica Care can be used for about 1 month. If it starts to wear out / loses viscosity / becomes difficult to clean, please replace immediately

Suitable for
Age 2 or above

Storage condition
Store in a cool and dry place


[Not for Sale] Cica Care 6cm x 2cm [HK Label Authentic Product]