Papulex™ - Nemesis of acne

❗ The causes and effects of acne

Acne has a habit of popping up at the worst times, usually before a date or a big event, and can often leave us feeling self-conscious and unattractive. For most people, acne makes us look and feel bad.

Supported by psychological research, acne issues causes the majority of people to feel embarrassed and frustrated, while a small portion of people succumb to hopelessness. Acne may even leave long lasting scars that leave people feeling depressed.

Since we know what causes acne, so we can target its three root causes: inflammation, bacteria and excess oil. With less acne, scarring will be reduced and skin's general appearance will improve, allowing us to look better and feel nicer in the long run.

 To treat acne effectively, we need to:

  • Control inflammation
  • Reduce oil secretion
  • Fight acne-causing bacteria
  • Lessen the risk of scarring
  • Moisturise the skin
  • Have a product that is easy to apply and safe for long-term use


👏🏻Now that we know all of this, where does Papulex™ come in?👏🏻

Papulex™ is clinically proven to stop breakouts, reduce pimples and improve your skin's appearance using its unique triple-action formula:

  • Nicotinamide - Lessens scarring by controlling inflammation and pigmentation
  • Patented ABA technology - Helps block P. acnes bacteria to lower the chance of infection
  • Zinc PCA - Regulates oil production to reduce skin oiliness and shine

These 3 key ingredients target the root causes of acne and help lower the chances of a dreaded acne breakout, helping you embrace your skin and gain your confidence back.

Papulex™ provides an effective and complete skin care regimen that manages acne and also helps you take care of other skincare needs. Users can testify to the positive results we mentioned above see visible results in less than a week. Papulex™ not only helps clear your skin, it also restores confidence for a better you. Fulfill all your acne care needs with our extensive Papulex™ range.

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Very informative article. Will take your advice and have a try on Papulex products, hope they can help fix my face 😂

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