Product characteristics
Aminoleban EN contains high branched chain amino acids with a complete formula for liver disease patients. Include fat soluble vitamins A、D、E、K, and Zinc. Also with local clinical evidence support.

Target customer groups
Chronic hepatic insufficiency adult patients

Usage Instructions for Aminoleban EN
Usual serving for adults: pour one package (50g) of Aminoleban EN in about 180 ml of water at room temperature or warm water and ingest with meals three times a day. The volume of the reconstitution is approximately 200 ml.

Usage Instructions for Pineapple Flavor Mix
Dissolve one pack of flavor into Aminoleban® EN 50g.

Way of storage
Do not store above 25°C

Please refer to package insert

Country of origin

Aminoleban® EN powder [HK Label Authentic Product]

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