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[Expiry Date: 1 Dec 2022]

△ An Acne Care Expert from France
△ Clinically proven cosmeceutical ingredients work to address the root causes of acne by 2 hero products - CLEAR 《Cleansing Gel》 & CALM 《Gel》
△ EU-patented ABA Technology to block acne-causing bacteria*
△《Cleansing Gel》: Effectively purifies skin, removes dirt and excess sebum. Soap-free formula, cleanse without dryness, and skin is left hydrated.
△《Gel》: Treats spots by calming redness^. Prevents over-drying and minimizes scarring.

★Made in France★

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Packing: Cleansing Gel 150ml (1pc) & Gel 40ml (1pc)

★The Papulex Power of 3C’s★
The Papulex clinically proven cosmeceutical ingredients, Nicotinamide and EU-Patented Anti-bacterial Adhesive Substance (ABA), work to address the root causes of acne prone skin by French style acne care routine --- CLEAR 《Cleansing Gel》 & CALM 《Gel》which treat oil & acne prone skin gently and effectively.

★Hero Product 1★ 《Papulex Cleansing Gel》 CLEAR
Soap-free formula with calming properties that blocks acne-causing bacteria*. Purify skin gently, thank to glycerin which hydrates and leaves the skin smooth and refreshed.

★Hero Product 2★ 《Papulex Gel》 CALM
Intensive anti-blemish skincare for localised spots, targets at calming redness^ , scarring while blocking up to 97% of P.acnes bacteria* without causing skin dryness.

★Gentle & Effective★
Without the use of paraben, photo-sensitising and comedogenic ingredients. It is NOT associated with antibiotic resistance. Non-irritating and suitable for long-term use. Dermatologically tested.

Genuine goods are imported from France and provided by A. Menarini Hong Kong Limited.

Active Ingredients:
(1) Cleansing Gel
- Nicotinamide, Anti-Bacterial Adhesive (ABA) substance, Glycerin, Sorbitol

(2) Gel
- Nicotinamide, Anti-Bacterial Adhesive (ABA) substance

Skin Types:Oily • Combination • Sensitive • Acne-prone

(1) Cleansing Gel
- Use to wash your face / body in the morning and evening

(2) Gel
- Apply a small amount on the affected areas, morning and evening.

* N. ROUGIER, et al. Nouv Dermatol 2003;22:7-11
^ Shalita AR et al. Int J Dermatol 1995; 34(6):434-37.

Short Expiry | PAPULEX Acne Prone Skincare Gift Box [Soap Free Cleansing Gel 150ml + Spot Gel 40ml] [HK Label Authentic Product] [Expiry Date: 1 Dec 2022] (Testing)
18950 37900