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Brand Story
Aptamil range is inspired by 50 years of Nutricia’s leading research into breast milk and early life nutrition. Nutricia, with over 500 experts and scientists, always strive for innovative solutions based on breast milk clinical research, published data and listening to professional advice from paediatricians, providing tailored formula for different growth and nutritional needs of babies. Aptamil offers a range of immune protection solutions tailored for different needs of baby, supporting all babies and help them to build a good foundation for future health.

Product characteristics
- 100% imported from New Zealand
- For 0-6 months

Shelf Life
24 months

For more product information, please contact Nutricia First 1000 Days Nutrition Advisers at 3509 2008.

According to the WHO code about Marketing of Breast-Milk Substitute, this product would not enjoy any Mall Dollar rebate.

Nutrilon Organic Grass Fed Stage 1 [HK Label Authentic Product]