Product Characteristics
Exclusive supply of organic Radix Astragal from Inner Mongolia as raw medicine.

The active ingredient of Radix Astragal - Astragaloside IV in organic Radix Astragal of Huangqi Essence (Premium) is about 2 times higher than cultivated Radix Astragal.

Pure Herbal medicine with main ingredient - Organic Radix Astragali used in supplementing blood and Qi, strengthening body resistance and stopping sweating.

It is used for the treatment of deficiency of qi and blood, exterior deficiency, spontaneous sweating, tiredness and weakness, lack of energy, frailty caused by prolonged illness, and poor spleen and stomach.

Target Customer Groups
Cold hand, Rhinitis, Unhealthy liver, fatigue, side effect of chemotherapy

List of Ingredients
Radix Astragali

1 vial orally twice a day

Way of Storage
Preserve in well-closed containers, at cool and dry places.

Country of Origin

Huangqi Essence (Premium) [HK Label Authentic Product]