900 9500

[Expiry date: 06 Sep 2023]

Product Introduction

- One of the brands distributed for free by HK Government for designated groups
- Able to test for Omicron & Delta variant
- CE 1747 Proof

Sample Collection: Nasal swab

Specificity % (Nasal swab) 99.27%

Sensitivity % (Nasal swab) 95.69%

Accuracy % (Nasal swab) 97.63%

Country of Origin: China

Storage: The test card and sample diluent should be stored at 2℃~30℃

Product Contents

• 1 pc x User Instruction Manual (Chinese / English)
• 1 pc xTest card
• 1 pc x Sample diluent
• 1 pc x Transparent cap of sample diluent
• 1 pc x Sterile sampling swab

Testing Time: 15-20 minutes


1. Before starting the test, wash and dry your hands. Note: It is recommended gloves, but not provided. 2. Unpack the box and place the components required clean surface. 3. Tear the package and take the test card out, then lay desktop. Note: Do not touch any parts on the inside. Handle test card only by edges. Note: The test card should be used within 1 hour after opening. 4. Pell off the sealing film of the sample extraction tube. 5. Peel the package and take the swab out. Note: Do not touch the head of the swab with your hands. Note: Do not open the sealed package until ready for ample collection. 6. Carefully insert the swab 1.5- 2.5cm into one of the nostrils. 7. Rotate the swab against the nasal wall at least 5 times. 8. Carefully withdraw the swab from the nostril and repeat the above two steps with the swab in the other nostril. Remove nose ring before testing. Note: Do not sample if you hove a nosebleed. Insert the sampled swab into the sample extraction tube immediately. And break the swab from the fracture point and leave the swab sample in the sample extraction tube. 10. Tighten the cap. 11. Press the head of the swab against the inside and the bottom of the tube at least 5 times by squeeze the outer wall of the tube with fingers. 12. Add 3 drops of the liquid into the smaple well (indicated with "S") for the test card. 13. Wait 15 - 20 minutes, Read the test result within 15-20 minutes. Note: Do not move the test card dring waiting. Note: Do not read the result before 15 minutes or after 20 minutes.

Please refer to the detailed instructions in the user manual.

Hecin 2019-nCoV Antigen Test Kit (colloidal gold method) [HK Label Authentic Product] [Expiry date: 06 Sep 2023]
900 9500