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Product characteristics
Integrating Chinese and Western health wisdom. Research and develop what the body needs every moment.

Inspired by the traditional Chinese Medicine theory of holistic conditioning, prevention and treatment, the product is developed according to the human body needs at different time of the "twelve-hour clock" to provide the most suitable nutrition supplement for the body and achieve optimal health outcomes. Together with Western scientific research evidence, adhering to NUTRICIA's 125 years of leading scientific research prowess, we focus on developing high-quality nutrition to help you heading towards a healthier and longer future.

-Reduces anxiety
-Falls asleep quickly and prolongs deep sleep
-Relaxes and nourishes brain
-Supports health of brain nervous system
-Strengthens intrinsic condition and improves physical fitness

Packing Spec
14 x 25g

[x] Dare to Stride Brain Nourishment 9PM [HK Label Authentic Product]