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Product characteristics
Using patented eefit technology, eefit Pain Relief Patch promotes blood microcirculation and discharge of metabolites, thereby relieving muscle strain and fatigue.
Made in Japan, drugless, odourless. Breathable with 0.2mm thickness only.


Alleviates swelling and signs of bruising
Relieves pain and discomfort, such as shoulder and neck pain, lower back, joints and muscle stiffness, stomach ache and menstrual cramp, etc.
Promotes blood micro-circulation
Enhances metabolism
Drugless and Odourless
Waterproof and breathable (0.2mm thickness only)

Target customer groups
Suitable for all, including young children

List of ingredients

Method of application Usage Instructions
Clean the affected part and surrounding area first
Apply directly on the affected area
Can be used continuously up to 8 hours
Can be used in shower and in sleep

Way of storage
Avoid storage under direct sunlight and high humidity

Country of origin

EEFIT Pain Relief Patch [HK Label Authentic Product]
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