Product Short Description
Aptamil Platinum – Growing Up Formula 4
Our new upgraded Aptamil Platinum, with research inspired by you. Bringing ratio and structure close to natural nutrition. Prepare your baby to be ready for whatever the future brings. Raise them one-step-ahead ready.
Our next generation European Patented Formula has synergistic effect
Special blend of the prebiotic combination scGOS:lcFOS (9:1) (8.7g/100g)
Member of the bacteria family naturally found in the gut of breastfed infants
Contributes to the normal function of the immune system
Contributes to brain and nerve tissue development

Target customer groups
3 Years onwards

Way of storage
Room temperature between 5° and 25°

Country of origin
New Zealand

Aptamil Platinum S4 900G [HK Label Authentic Product]

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