Brings fast soothing and long lasting relief from the pain and discomfort of heartburn and acid indigestion.

Target customer groups
Adults, including the elderly and children above 12 years.
If you have been advised to follow a diet restricted in sodium or calcium, please consult your doctor before taking this product.
Not suitable for patients have phenylketonuria.
Do not take this product within two hours if you are taking antihistamines, tetracyclines and quinolones, iron preparation, ketoconazole, digoxin and beta blockers penicillamine, glucocorticoid, neuroleptics, thyroid hormones, chloroquine, estramustine and bisphosphonates.

List of ingredients
(Each tab) 250 mg sodium alginate, 106.5 mg sodium bicarbonate and 187.5 mg calcium carbonate

Method of application Usage Instructions
For oral administration. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.
Adults and children 12 years and over: Take two to four tablets after meals and at bedtime. Children under 12 years: Should only be taken on medical advice

Shelf life
2 Years

Way of storage
Do not store above 30°C. Store in the original package. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH AND SIGHT OF CHILDREN.

Country of origin
United Kingdom

Gaviscon Double Action Mint Tablets 48s [HK Label Authentic Product]

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