Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Vitamin C effervescent has been formulated to support your immune system and energy levels. Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Vitamin C effervescent is made to high quality standards to provide a great tasting effervescent alternative with natural flavourings for those who have difficulty swallowing large tablets or capsules.

Swisse Ultiboost High Strength Vitamin C effervescent supports:
• Immune Support: Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system
• Relieves Tiredness: Vitamin C supports the relief of tiredness.
• Energy Metabolism: Vitamin C helps release energy from fat, carbohydrates and proteins to activate the natural energy in your body.
• Collagen Formation: Vitamin C plays an integral part in the collagen formation process, which supports the firm condition of the skin

• Vitamin C
• Sweeteners: E 967, E 420, E 955, E 960
• L-Ascorbic acid
• Acidity regulator: E 500
• Acid: E 330
• Maltodextrin
• Natural flavourings (with barley)
• Flavouring
• Colours: E 162, E 160a

Take one tablet daily, dissolved in water, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Ask the advice of your healthcare professional to determine if this health supplement is right for you.

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Ultiboost High Strength Vitamin C Effervescent [HK Label Authentic Product]