[Expiry Date: 27 Oct 2022]

Product characteristics
• Redoxon® Double Action Chewable Tab (Vitamin C Plus Zinc) provides a unique combination of Zinc, which is essential for normal cellular immune function, and Vitamin C, which helps to speed up recovery against colds.
• The Double Action formula acts synergistically to enhance your immune system.
• Provides full protection for you and your family’s good health.

List of ingredients
Each tablet contains 500mg of Vitamin C and 5mg of Zinc

• Keep the bottle tightly closed and protect from heat and moisture.
• Keep out of reach of young children.
• The product is not suitable for individuals with renal diseases/disorders.
• Ask a health care professional before use during pregnancy or lactation.
• Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

Storage condition
Store below 25°C

Country of origin

Redoxon® Double Action Chewable 60's (Vitamin C+Zinc) [HK Label Authentic Product] [Expiry Date: 27 Oct 2022]

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