Brand Intro
KESUTO is designed based on the half-man, half-beast bird-man in the ancient Egyptian mythology. The concept is that the perseverance and loyalty bend the knees, and the wings that can spread their wings symbolize strength and foresight, guard the natural persistence of the mysterious herbs, and also guard your healthy.

Product characteristics
KESUTO Instant Milk Tea
Taiwan Health Food Certified. Proven by animal experiments, with function of incresing probiotics in the intestines
1. Rich in Dietary Fiber
2. Contain Probiotic with Hot and acid-resistance
3. Rich Flavor and Mellow Taste
4. Suitable for both Hot and Cold drink

KESUTO Instant Milk Tea
1. Each serve contain 13.7g dietary fiber, fulfill daily 54% needed.
2. Contain acid-resistance, help in bowel movement

Target customer groups
1. Over 10 years old age
2. Person who need dietary supplement
3. Person with constipation
4. Maintain body shape

List of ingredients
Inulin, Creamer(Glucose syrup, refined coconut oil, whey protein, dipotassium phosphate, sodium polyphosphate, milk protein, fatty acid glycerides, diacetyl tartic acid ester of mono and diglycerides, silicon dioxide, beta carotein), sucrose, forming creamer (glucose syrup, refined coconut oil, skim milk powder, ipotassium phosphate), instant black tea powder, bacillus coagulans.

Method of application/ Usage Instructions
Recommended 1 Sachet per day, avoid drinking before bed.
1. Each pack per 180~250 cc of warm or hot water, can be adjusted according to personal flavor.
2. It is recommended to drink for a period of time to achieve health benefits.

Way of storage

Please keep in a cool and dry place, avoid to direct sunlight.

KESUTO Instant Milk Tea [HK Label Authentic Product]