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[Expiry date: 3 Feb 2023]

Brand Intro
NOAH PROTEIN is a brand that focuses on designing professional protein formulas for people with special nutrition needs.

Product characteristics
1. Stable Viscosity
2. Good Solubility
3. Good Stability
4. Wild Range of Usage
5. 0% Lactose and Gluten

1. Stable Viscousity: Can quickly change the viscousity of drinks or foods without affect the original taste.
2. Good Solubility: Quickly dissolve in various fluids type food at room temperature. The predetermined viscousity can be reached within 2 mins.
3. Good Stability: Not affected by amylase in the mouth, and the viscousity will not reduced by the increasing of time.
4. Wild range of usage: High resistance to any range of pH value and heat resistance.
5. Low amount of product needed to achieve high viscousity.
6. 0% lactose and gluten contain, won't cause food allergies and suitable for lactose intolerance.

Target customer groups
1. Person who have difficulty in swallowing
2. Person who get choke easily
3. Person with poor chewing ability
4. Aid in Drug swallowing
5. Diet care after oral surgery

List of ingredients
Maltodextrin, Xanthan gum

Method of application/ Usage Instructions

1. Please follow the Preparation Table of α-SFT, or consult a medical personnel.
2. Add α-SFT into liquid food and stirr around 10-30 sec until completely dissolve.
3. Place for 1-2 mins to acheive the related viscousity.

Way of storage
Please keep it sealed and store in a cool and dry place after opening. Please finish it as soon as possible to ensure the best quality of the product.

Allergen Information:
This product contains dairy products.
The production process plant of this product has equipment and production line of soybeans, grains, peanuts, sesame, nuts, crustaceans fish and milk products.

NOAH PROTEIN α-SFT [HK Label Authentic Product] [Expiry date: 3 Feb 2023]
13650 19500