Brand Intro
NOAH PROTEIN is a brand that focuses on designing professional protein formulas for people with special nutrition needs.

Product characteristics
1. Promote protein synthesis
2. Key nutrients for intestinal mucous repair
3. Repair damaged muscles
4. Promote synthesis of antioxidant and detoxifying substances in the liver
5. Provide complete nutrition supply for patient under chemotherapy and radiotherapy
6. Main Amino acid for mucosal tissue repair

1. Promote protein synthesis: Glutamic acid is the core nutrient need for protein production. It been used in the synthesis of amino acid, nucleotides or protein. With supplementing enough amount of glutamic acid can speed up the wound healing and strengthen muscle tissue.
2. The Key nutritent for intestinal mucous repair: It is the main material been used in the metabolism of intestinal cells.
3. Repair damaged muscles: Glutamic acid transport nitrogen and maintain the nitrogen balance in muscle tissue, and help protein synthesis and build new muscle tissue.
4. Promote synthesis of antioxidant and detoxifying substance in the liver

Target customer groups
1. Pre & Post Surgery, Serious wounds and muscle recovery
2. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy patients
3. Intestinal dysfunction, including inflammatory bowel disease, infectious enteritis, immature intestinal or necrotizing enteritis, short bowel syndrome (SBS), or patients with mucosal injury caused by severe diseases
4. Patients with severe metabolic diseases, burns, trauma, surgery, acute and chronic infections, bone marrow transplantation
5. Those with weakened immune function caused by oxidative stress.

List of ingredients
L-Glutamine, Inulin,

Method of application Usage Instructions
3 times per day. 10 grams (2 tablespoon), can be added to juice or cold drinks.

Way of storage
After opening, please put it in a tight container and store in a cool and dry place. Please finish consume within 1 month after opening. Do not store in refrigerator to avoid moisture absorption.

This product is a modified protein food. Please follow the instructions of a medical stuff or dietitian. This product are not suitable for children under six years old age. Do not inject intravenously.


NOAH PROTEIN L-Glutamine [HK Label Authentic Product]