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Product characteristics
As a breakthrough in Feminine hygiene products, Betadine Feminine wash with calendula oil has prebiotics added which stimulates probiotics growth, thus inhibits harmful bacteria and candida and eventually nourishing primary protection. Our lactic acid and Tricare + Immortelle, Sensiva SC 50 and Citrofol Al, providing remarkable effects on protection against germs, and tackiness, plus odor neutralization. Formulation is MIT free

Betadine Feminine Wash moisturising calendula is designed for women with dryness-prone skin. It provides moisture to intimate area while supporting its natural pH and flora

Target customer groups
Women with dryness-prone skin may easily have dryness around the intimate area

Method of application Usage Instructions
Pour on your moist hands. Apply Betadine Feminine Wash on the intimate area. Rinse thoroughly. A gentle formulation suitable for daily use including during periods.

Way of storage

Store at or below 25oC

Betadine Feminine Wash 150ml [HK Label Authentic Product]
3290 4490

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