Product characteristics
External Usage: To get rid of germs and bad smell; To cool down skin burnt by hot water or fire; To relieve the skin against mosquito or insects’ bites. Internal Usage: To cure colds; To sure diarrhea; To relieve discomfort caused by toothache and headache. External & Internal Usage: To cure colds and for first aid. To cure discomfort caused by travelling on a car or a ship. To refresh the mind under hot weather. To cure indigestion.

Method of application Usage Instructions
Internal use
Adult: Oral 3 times daily 7-8 drops each time.
Children: Oral 3 times daily 2-3 drops each time.

External use: To apply on affected skin areas.

Product Warnings
People are allergy to alcohol cannot use this product.

Way of storage
Store in cool condition

Country of origin
RICQLES 1.75OZ 50ml [HK Label Authentic Product]

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