• About ZP eShop

    1. What is ZP eShop?
      It is an online shop run by Zuellig Pharma Hong Kong with an attractive range of beauty and wellness products. It offers a convenient way to shop high-quality and authentic products. To find more about Zuellig Pharma, please visit

    2. What products can be bought in the ZP eShop?
      The shop offers a wide range of beauty and wellness products such as skin care, body care, hair care, baby care, eye care, multivitamins and much more.

    3. What brands can I buy on the ZP eShop? 
      Brands include Physiogel, Oilatum, Simple, Coverplast, SpectraBAN, Revaleskin, Centrum and many more.

  • Membership Application

    1. Will my membership expire?
      ZP eShop offers a permanent membership. 

    2. Do I have to pay any membership fee?
      There is no membership fee required.

    3. How can I update my personal information?
      You can update your personal information (e.g. your mailing address or contact number) by logging in to and clicking on ”My Account” and ”Edit Profile”. 

  • Using Your Membership

    1. How do I login to my personal account? What is my password?
      The membership ID is the email address that you registered with
      You can reset your password by clicking on "Change Password"

    2. What if I forget my login password?
      If you forget your password, you can click on “Forgot your password?” when you log in to The system will require you to enter your login email address. The password will be sent to  
      your registered email address. 

    3. Can I change item quantities after they have been added to the shopping cart?
      You can adjust the quantities in the “Shopping Cart” by changing the number inside the quantity box.

    4. How do I know if my orders have been confirmed successfully? 
      The transaction is considered successful after the purchase order code has been generated on the 
      "Order Completed" page after you have confirmed the order. 

    5. Can I view my past transactions from the website? 
      Yes. You can see 10 most recent transactions with transaction date on the “My Account” page, under "Order Record".

    6. Can I cancel the order or change the delivery address after receiving the order confirmation?
      Sorry, you cannot cancel your order or change the address after the order is confirmed.

  • Customer Service Hotline 
    How can I contact the Customer Service Representative directly?
    If you would like to contact our Customer Service representative, call 2856 0062 during office hours (Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm). Alternatively, send an email to