Shopping Guide

Find the items you want and add them to your shopping cart.

You can search for products in the following ways:

• By Category Browsing:
Our navigation tools are located on the top column of every page, so no matter where you are on our site, you will be able to search and find the product you are looking for. 

• By Brand:
Click on "by Brand" on the top side navigation menu and you'll see a list of all brands available at ZP eSHOP. 

• By Keyword Search:
You may search for a product by entering keywords in the search box located on our homepage and on other pages at the top of the website.

When you see something you would like to order, enter the quantity you want to buy and click on the "add to cart" button, and the item will be placed in your shopping cart. The number of items added to your shopping cart and total order amount are displayed and updated continually in the right-hand bar of any page, making it easy for you to review your purchases anytime and anywhere on the site.

After selecting your favorite products, fill in the shipping address and payment information according to the instruction in the shopping cart. You will see a page thanking you for your order, together with an Order Number. You will also receive an order confirmation email with all the details upon completion of the order.